Q: How is scheduling handled?
A: The member receives a password protected link to a shared calendar, which shows blocks of open time for members and for studio business hours. You may also book time during business hours, provided the studio is not already booked for a session. Scheduling priority is with the studio during standard business hours.

Q: I want to schedule during a time the studio is typically open for business, can I book during this time?
A: Give us a call or email to find out. Availability is dependent on membership level and studio schedule.

Q: I am not sure if my camera is compatible with studio lights, can I become a member either way?
A: your membership includes the use of studio equipment, a professional camera and basic understanding of studio lighting is required to operate the equipment. We can discuss a possible hands on training and camera rental with studio use. These are services available at additional costs. Please contact us for details.

Q: I am more of an ambient light photographer, can I still benefit from a membership?
A: While ambient light is fully dependent on time of year and daylight available, the studio does receive a great amount of natural daylight through its many windows. Typically windows are darkened for studio light use but can be fully adjusted for ambient light.

Q: I didn’t use my full 10 hours, can I carry them into the next month?
A: As with any membership, the level purchased entitles you to a maximum use but no time will be carried over. If you are unsure about potential use, start off with the lowest level for 3 hours in studio. This already provides a big saving compared to hourly rental. Should you notice that 3 hours is not enough during any given month, an upgrade can be purchased for the running month at any time. Downgrades may be made at the beginning of each month.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Stop by the studio to check out the space, fill out a Membership Agreement and make your payments on time. It’s that easy!